Blueberry Hill Farm Guest House


Delightful and charming home and/or bed & breakfast, with full organic farm and orchards for sale at a reduced price!

This 1990, very well built home on 7+ acres has all the “inspired” inclusions in its construction. Our home has proven to be very safe and comfortable whenever the power is out in the area, as it is very well insulated and includes two beautiful and efficient wood stoves.

It has proven to be a very peaceful to live as it has been wrapped with copper in the construction, which protects the inhabitants from harmful electro-magnetic frequency (EMF) waves. In addition, there is no smart meter on the house, and many other features, too many to mention.

Our three bedrooms, three baths, approximately 3,000 sq. ft. home has a self contained 1,000 sq. ft. apartment on the lower level, complete with a health department inspected commercial kitchen.

The organic farm has out buildings including a large greenhouse and deluxe chicken complex. You will also enjoy the meandering creek, waterfalls, and ponds on the property as the grounds and the design are a pleasure to behold.  

The property also features an additional three bedroom, two bath 1993, 1,400 sq. ft. and well-kept manufactured home.

The price is $649,900.

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Call Margaret Nixon at Blueberry Hill: 360-458-4726

After almost 25 years of living on our beautiful farm, we have decided to retire to be with our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren in the state of Utah.

Our organic farm is situated on 7+ acres which includes a guest apartment, second home and numerous other out buildings.


The main house is a beautiful three-bedroom, three-bath, custom built home covering approximately 3,000 sq. ft. It has a large back porch area overlooking a pond and waterfall. There and two additional attached decks.

There is a detached garage and an extra tool shed/wood shed on the upper part of the property where the house is located.

In addition, there is a downstairs guest apartment complete with kitchen and carport. There is also a large pantry on the ground floor.


The second home located on the front part of the property could be considered either a “mother-in-law cottage” or a residence for a farm hand.

It is a three-bedrooms, two-bath covering approximately 1,400 sq. ft. with out buildings in the back.


The organic farm sits on the front acreage next to the cow pasture and second home. 

The property has two water wells. The big well is 140 ft deep. The water comes to within 40 ft of the surface on its own.

Both wells are pure and are tested nearly every year for the past 25 years. Each well always proves to be free of any kind of bacteria, or nitrates, etc.

The soil is deep and rich and has been kept totally organic free from pesticides or chemicals.


The area where most of the vegetables and berries grow has topsoil at least five feet deep.

The pasture is approximately three acres and is healthy and lush.

The orchard is very abundant and planted with  mostly bearing semi-dwarf trees for easy picking and pruning.

The varieties chosen have always been disease resistant and have been raised without poisonous sprays. Each tree has been well cared for with an individual water source for each.

We have planted a variety of grapes and berries which include:

• Raspberries

• Black Raspberries (Black Caps)

  1. Blueberries

  2. Strawberries

  3. Kiwi

  4. Gooseberries.

The chicken coop is well insulated and has a covered run for baby chickens, as well as a large area for the mature chickens to scratch for fresh greens. All the chickens are protected from predators in an enclosed, natural habitat.

The farm is complete with out buildings, tool shops, tool storage, extra wood storage, hay and cattle sheds.


The greenhouse is 16 ft. x 36 ft. in size and is well built and energy efficient. It is an earth berm greenhouse which means the surrounding raised soil beds allow it to be heated by the earth.

There are many windows which can be opened for ventilation. And automatic controls help to keep plants most healthy.

You can efficiently start all your vegetable produce six weeks early for a great head start on the growing season. Many of our plants are started from seed as early as March.

The areas for vegetables are functional and arranged to take advantage of the most heat from the Sun.


You will find us located on the road to the beautiful, famous Mt Rainier in the little town of Yelm, Washington in Thurston County. .

Our address is: 12125 Blueberry Hill Lane, Yelm, WA 98597.

For more information about the property, please call: owner, Margaret Nixon at 360-458-4726

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