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List of Fruit Trees and Berries for Serious Buyers

Of the seven (plus) acres on the Blueberry Hill Farm, there is approximately three acres of high quality pasture and two acres for organic food production, well established into many choice varieties of fruits and berries.

We counted fifty choice, disease resistant, and valued varieties of Apples, some young, and some over twenty years old, all of them bearing, all of them professionally pruned.

Below you will find a complete list of trees and berries on the Blueberry Hill Farm:

• Pears –– 4 dwarf trees and 3 mature bearing (1 Asian and 2 Bartlett)

• 1 bearing tart cherry and 2 bearing sweet cherry’s (most of these are harvested by the birds as they are the first of the early fruit)

• 2 bearing plums and 1 new prune

• 1 quince tree (for old fashioned jam)

• All of the fruit trees were chosen for disease resistance, as they have always been kept Organically grown without poisonous sprays. semi-dwarf and dwarf varieties were chosen as they are easier to manage, prune and harvest.

• 24 mature blueberry bushes, and 24 young blueberry bushes also fruit bearing

• 1 row of thorn-less, ever-bearing raspberry bushes and 1 row of ever-bearing strawberries

• 12 thornless gooseberry bushes

• 1 long row and 4 short rows of favorite black caps bushes (wild black raspberries)

• 10 bearing grapevines –– 6  seedless, and 4 early concord types.

• 3 Kiwi vines, 1 fig tree, 3 walnut trees and 2 filbert trees.

  1. Naturalized wild choke cherry, service berry, elderberry, crabapple, cherry dogwood, wild raspberry, red & black currant, Oregon grape, Kannikanak vine, honeysuckle and salal vine for the wild birds. 

For more information see the Organic Farm photo album.